Test Equipment

Adhering to the tenet “creating defect-free products and service”, MCA always adopts a strict quality control system, which helps to ensure that our products possess best-in–class quality. And the detailed testing items are listed as follows:

Raw material testing: 
A comprehensive array of high-tech inspection devices is equipped in our laboratory for accurate checking. Thus, requirements of quality batteries are well guaranteed.

Grid’s manufacturing: 
Thickness and weight of our grids will undergo a full check by our inspectors. Apart from that, our grid casting machine is also equipped. These designs well ensure the high quality of our grids.

Lead powder’s manufacturing: 
A 28T lead powder machine is equipped at MCA, which helps to realize automatic filling, automatic control of temperature and pressure, and automatic lead powder conveying. With this machine the lead powder’s degree of oxidation and apparent density may be maintained in a stable degree.

Plate coating: 
Refined lead (lead ingot of 99.994%) is adopted as the raw material. A battery pasting mixer is also installed in our production workshop, which has a capacity of 1T and an automatic weighing system. Meanwhile, the double-sided plate coating machine is also equipped, allowing a smaller corrosion for our grids and longer battery serving life. Besides that, in order to reduce the labor intensity and increase the coating precision, we also introduced a fully-automatic plate curing chamber and automatic plate cutting and lug brushing machine.

MCA has introduced an automatic laminating machine, featuring automatic operation, which helps to improve the product quality and production efficiency. Meanwhile, the cyclone dust separator is also installed in the workshop, which largely reduces the pollution of the working environment and generates far less negative effect on workers’ health.

Acid & gel filling: 
In MCA, there are diverse acid & gel filling machines with diverse standards, which all adopt best-in-class acid filling technology and PLC control system, which help to realize an automatic adjustment of technical parameters, automatic operation and a high uniformity within the battery.

SEI formation: 
As for the SEI formation, a power charger is adopted, which monitored through computer programming. Besides that, circulating water is stored in specially designed water tanks, which are battery cooling devices. They are equipped with a custom gas collecting hood. Moreover, real-time detection towards charge current, discharge current, and voltage will be carried out for a precise monitoring towards the batteries charging and discharging properties.

Detection and packaging: 
In the packaging workshop, all the batteries will undergo a series of testing, including voltage testing, internal resistance testing, high current discharging testing, and air leakage testing. Only qualified batteries will be labeled and packaged for delivery, which well ensures the high quality of our batteries. Before being shipped, 100% inspection of capacity will be carried out for our batteries. Meanwhile, as for the important battery production processes, online control will be delivered, allowing a perfect uniformity and stability of our batteries. 


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